Jerry Bradley

Surveying Texas

Jerry Bradley is collaborating with photographer Jerry Craven on a book that focuses upon Texas in poetry and photographs. Some of the pictures serve as the starting point for poems; some of the poems serve as the inspiration for photographs.

The official launching of this project takes place during the The Langdon Weekend, September 7-10, 2011. 

 All images copyright Jerry Craven

 Moon above Palo Duro

A hammered medallion,
the moon hangs above a place
the wind and water want back.
Night here sings of the forge,
and sounds of the anvil echo
along the canyon walls –
it plays like a stone fiddle
in a month of short days.
Just another big bang theory,
a lesson in circumference.
And see the stars, how they splinter
like sparks from the hearth?
It is where God struck his tarnished coin
before he beat the daylights out of the land.































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