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 Jerry Bradley is the author of several books including The Movement: British Poets of the 1950s  and his acclaimed first volume of collected poems, Simple Versions of Disaster, which was commended by the Dictionary of Literary Biography.  He is member of the Texas Institute of Letters and past president of the Conference of College Teachers of English (CCTE), the Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers, and the Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association. The current poetry editor of Concho River Review, Bradley was founder and editor for sixteen years of New Mexico Humanities Review.  He has served as a member of the literature panel for the Texas Commission on the Arts and the New Mexico Arts Division. Currently he is Professor of English at Lamar University.


The Staff of Ink Brush Press

Jerry Craven, Press Director 

Carroll Wilson, Editor-in-chief

Lisa Craig, Art Editor

Sherry Craven, Editor

Jeffrey DeLotto, Editor

Beth Hadas, Special Advisor

Robert Whitsitt, Technical Advisor

Laurie Champion, Special Acquisitions Editor

Sandra Chalyy, Associate Editor and Publicity Manager

Ashlynn Ruth Ivy, Associate Editor

Kristina Nimblett, Special Editor, Publicity Advisor 


















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